Drama Cast List

January 16th, 2017

Ms. Faith is proud to annouce the cast list for the Grant Line Spring Drama Play: Dummling and the Golden Goose. Thanks to all the talented children who tried out this year!

Part Name
Dummling Tyler Stansberry
Mother Kaliegh Medlock
Karl Holden Faith
Humbert Ian Hubbard
Innkeeper Sean McGhee
Stella Nyomi Presley
Bella Lily Baxter
Nella Kennedy Libka
Bride Peyton Hyder
Bridesmaid 1 Aubrey Benningfield
Bridesmaid 2 Siarah Tyler
Bridesmaid 3 Briana Coble
Bridesmaid 4 Faith Humm
King Ray Rivera
Golden Goose Ian Allen-Farnsley
Princess Melody Kiera Julian
Reverend Lincoln Stephens
Mother of the Bride Grace Guitierez
Mayor PJ Moody
Herald Elise Rainwater
Villager 1 London Berthauaume
Villager 2 Aubriana Blevins
Villager 3 Abby White
Villager 4 Tori Snider
Villager 5 Aubrey Taylor
Villager 6 Abigail Mercer
Sorceress Jazmin Calloway
Friend 1 Julian Meriwether
Friend 2 Will Medlock
Friend 3 Will McLaughlin
Friend 4 Bryce Marcum
Baker 1 Reina Davis
Baker 2 Donovan Taylor
Flower Girl 1 Kinley Bush
Flower Girl Ava Quinn
Flower Girl 3 Charlee Ann Rogers
Guard 1 Lucy Simms
Guard 2 Dante Taylor
Baker 3 Jadyn Presley
Child 1 Emma Baxter
Child 2 Ramiro West
Child 3 Coralee McGarvy
Child 4 Lena Julian
Queen Gabby Tate
Narrator 1 Chloe Finn
Narrator 2 Katie McLaughlin
Narator 3 Kyra Richmer
Narrator 4 Kayleann Stinnett
Police Officer 1 Nikolas Arroyo
Police Officer 2 Ruby Laffin
Trumpeteer 1 Owen Elsbury
Trumpeteer 2 DJ Hobbs
Lady in Waiting 1 Emma Baxter
Lady in Waiting 2 Emily Robison
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